Restore confidence

Restore Your Confidence

Live life with your head held high, no more justifying yourself, no more pretending to be someone you are not. Because you are amazing the way you are.

Relaunch your life

Relaunch Your Life

Fall back in love with your life. See all the amazing things right infront of you that you have missed this whole time. Wake up to a new you!


Change Your Mindset

Peel back the curtain of self-doubt and negative emotions. Gain deep inner CLARITY to think clearly and positively.

FREE yourself from the pain of the past, and let go of the blocks & beliefs that hold you stuck…


Rebuild your confidence & self-worth to boldly STEP into your unlimited power & potential as a


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Are you living your life constantly hiding behind a mask, or pretending to be ok… Pretending to be something/someone you’re not… pretending to be what you think everyone wants/needs you to be… BUT, struggling to feel happy, fulfilled, & content?


 Maybe you are stuck feeling unworthy, believing you are not good enough, or smart enough… or something??


OR perhaps you are struggling with feeling sad, anxious, depressed, angry…. and you can’t understand why…


YOU just KNOW there is SOMETHING MISSING… There is a knowing, deep inside of you, that you were meant for more… To be more, do more, feel more




And no matter what you do or try, you just can’t seem to get BACK to being WHO you used to be before the world got its hand on you… SO, you look for courses, programs, tools, gurus to help you find the ‘shift’, & make the change you know you NEED…


How often do you hear ‘Change your thoughts and you will change your life!’ ??

Simple… right?


Wrong! If it was this simple, the personal development industry would not be worth billions of dollars annually!!! If this was the case, we would learn what we needed and then be able to implement what we learned, & get sh#t done!!! Instead of spending more time, more money on more programs and coaching! These programs make it all sound so logical and easy, but, when we can’t make it work for us, or we don’t find /feel the ‘shift’ we desperately want, we then start to believe, (& continue to believe, the more we do) “I must be broken’….. or  ‘there must be something wrong with me’!!!


So, why are so many women still STUCK, even when at some level, they KNOW that they have the skills, knowledge, and passion to succeed? Why are they stuck in self-doubt, procrastination, self-sabotage, fear, and feeling not good enough?


Because 97% of current personal development/therapies/modalities are missing ONE crucial factor… OUR FEMALE difference… Our female design is very different from the male design & what works for them in MINDSET & success, does NOT work for 4 out of 5 women!! We attach emotion to everything, and so we need to heal our heart-set before we can change our mindset and produce lasting transformation!




A woman’s brain, heart, gut & uterus all operate as ONE! When born with a uterus, all your 100-trillion cells are coded female, and your subconscious mind has a unique and significant program that the male brain cannot fathom, the program that creates life! We only know what we know, & it is crucial that women KNOW, we have a completely different operating system! Requiring female-specific hardware and software!


Imagine trying to upload Samsung apps onto an iPhone, it simply cannot work as the technology is not compatible! Most women are currently running incompatible, MALE software in their FEMALE mind, but these programs are doing more damage than good! This is one reason why women suffer more from stress and burnout than men!!!


For centuries we have been taught and used a ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach to education, therapies, mindset, and mental health. BUT we are not all the same!! So, if you have been endlessly working on your personal development, and not achieving the results you want, know that IT’S NOT YOU!

Blame the tools, programs, and even therapies, that have not been designed for your female mind! Knowing and running in flow with your female design, instead of against it, will create amazing symmetry in every area of your life, including your business!



YOU CAN STOP THE ENDLESS CYCLE TODAY!!! And STOP wasting your money on programs that don’t work!


All you need to do is say YES to yourself!!! 

Because YOU ARE WORTH IT!! (& if nothing changes… nothing changes!!)


At Restore Balance & Harmony, we help women to unleash their true power & potential allowing them to break FREE of their sabotaging beliefs & blocks, their painful inherited patterns & cycles to create a deep inner knowing & feeling of peace, calm, contentment & fulfillment!!


Unlike other processes, Creatrix® is EXCLUSIVELY designed BY A FEMALE, FOR THE FEMALE MIND, making it revolutionary in the world of personal development and psychology for women!


The missing piece that women have been searching for!!


Creatrix® is HOLISTIC, PAINLESS & SUPER FAST!! It is the SOLUTION, to release all the negative emotion & sabotaging patterns that do not serve you & instantly expands & heightens your emotional intelligence!

How Do Clients Describe Creatrix®?
* One client called it “Emotional Botox” (She looked years younger after Creatrix®)
* Another called it “Emotional Rehab” (She was cured of her habitual emotional outbursts)
* Another client called it “As Miraculous and Powerful’ Creatrix® is for everyday women struggling emotionally and mentally, which is more of an epidemic in our current times.


You don’t need to have experienced extreme trauma to see the benefits. Perhaps you just want to break a cycle that you are stuck in, get past their fear of rejection, banish the overwhelm or anxiety.


It is for those that are on a personal development journey already and want to take it to the next level. If you have tried everything else and are not getting results you want & KNOW you deserve, this is for you.

BOOK your personalized ‘Block identifier call’  today


Deep within us, there is UNIQUE & powerful wisdom, that is stored in our subconscious, known as our intuition, our soul wisdom… our own personal life learnings that are buried deep within our mind!


Unfortunately for most of us, there is sooo much NOISE running around in our minds, from our current circumstances, life traumas & events….past patterns & conditioning that have been inherited from our mother, grandmothers, great grandmothers…  We can no longer hear or access our own intuition, or wisdom…


To be able to release our current emotional pain, we need to RE-CONNECT to our TRUE SELF, we need to access & learn from the ancestral wisdom & life-affirming knowledge, that is right there within us!!


This wisdom comes through organically, painlessly & super FAST, accessing the ancestral wisdom of YOUR bloodline, to HEAL the past & move forward with emotional FREEDOM & higher intelligence.


After years of working with women, I can tell you that there are a lot of emotions & beliefs that WE ALL struggle with… Even though in our own mind we are thinking that “it’s just me”, “everyone else seems to be happy, confident, calm’ etc…



Some of the most common beliefs & emotions are:

I’m not good enough… (not smart enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, etc)

I’m not worthy…

There is something missing… (I just don’t feel happy, whole, happy, content)

Afraid of what other people think of me

Guilt… (about everything!!)

I have to put everyone else’s happiness before my own…

this is only 5 of what could be a list of HUNDREDS…


Ask yourself- if YOUR daughters, sisters, grandkids….. felt this way about themselves, what would YOU do??

– Tell them that was wrong & they NEED to know better??

-Tell them they NEED to do something, (talk, therapy, personal development) to change how they are feeling??

WHY DON’T YOU DO SOMETHING TO HELP YOURSELF… Which will ultimately help everyone around you!!


People who SEE & EXPERIENCE their role model (their mum, Aunt, grandmother, father, boss) with CONFIDENCE, SELF LOVE, SELF WORTH & SELF RESPECT, along with JOY, CLARITY & CONTENTMENT every day of their life, KNOW a totally different way to BE!!

YOU are the ROLE MODEL for everyone around you! What you feel, what you think, how you act & react… (no matter how good you think your mask is) IS FELT & absorbed by everyone around you!


Want to know more,

BOOK your personalized ‘Block identifier call’  today





  • trust your intuition   – your head, heart & gut are fully aligned
  • experience peace in knowing YOU can do anything you set your mind to
  • feel profound JOY when accomplishing any kind of success in your life 
  • Know clarity & purpose so your life, work, and relationships move forward with ease & flow 
  • feel totally connect to yourself,
  • KNOWING unshakable confidence & self-worth 
  • have a higher emotional intelligence guiding you
  • In control of your emotions 
  • no negative Nellie nagging voice in your head telling you that you’re not good enough to have a business, that you have nothing to say of use that will help people. 
  •  have healthier, happier relationships
  • know you can put yourself first without guilt or shame
  • respect yourself & demand respect from others


This transformational journey will help you:

  • Tap into your inner ‘guru’ to expand your higher emotional intelligence & deep soul wisdom to clear away all your past fears, and step into a powerful divine WOMAN who attracts limitless opportunities, experiences, and abundance. 


  • Create a ripple of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, while living with excitement, energy, grace & appreciation… as you now know life is happening for you


  • Awaken to a new level of you, higher & deeper, truly connected to the passion & potential within you…feeling aware & alive to all that awaits in your future 


  •   Feel deep ease and peace within your mind, heart, and spirit as you release old anxieties and fears of being seen, being heard & being judged… that stop you from stepping up & out into the life YOU deserve


  • Activate your treasure trove of natural gifts, talents, and abilities, and watch the abundance flow in as you share them with the world⁠—guilt, and shame free. 


  • Release the “I’m not good enough or smart enough” beliefs & conditioning and gain your unique soul wisdom to shift into a confident, self-assured woman who feels deeply worthy and deserving of receiving all things exceptional.


  • Feel abundant, and energized in your mind, body, and spirit as you release the self-sabotaging patterns that keep you feeling stuck in a prison of scarcity and shift into a vibrant woman who confidently makes riches rain.




Hi, I’m Maria McGrath, Creatrix® Transformologist®  Helping women achieve Fast, painless & irreversible results guaranteed!!

SO, how do you do that? I help women tap into their subconscious, their OWN deepest wisdom, RECONNECTING their heart, soul & intuition… with the world’s only female formulated, & Epigenetic emotional release life transformation…


Here’s what Creatrix® does:

1         RE-LEASE -Emotional and Limiting Blockages– Shifting Care & Focus

By taking your mind for a Creatrix® breakthrough, you get the life learnings/lessons that heal the negatives so that you CANNOT even feel or believe those old sabotaging beliefs anymore. YOU ARE FREE OF THEM ONCE AND FOR ALL because you will KNOW better deep at a core level!

2          RE-LEARN- Knowledge that is productive instead of sabotaging –Get Your Unique Soul’s Life Lesson’s and Tools to Move Forward

You are then free to design your life finally moving forward. We even remove the issues you may have inherited epigenetically (inherited from where your genes were before they got to you, maybe a pattern a grandmother had for example), experienced in your life or witnessing in your children.

3          RE-CODE – Delete Inherited Negative Patterns– with new strategies for dealing with old triggers.

The Creatrix® process ReCODES your genetic conditioning so you are more able to perceive for yourself (without the manipulated rose-coloured glasses of the past), unblocked by unhealthy and sabotaging beliefs, for the first time ever. We are so conditioned throughout history that we have become separated from our own power to create our own thoughts, our own dreams, our own success, and our own lives.

4          Re-Frame – Your thoughts so your Entire Perspective changes

Once that has been achieved we can entirely ReFRAME our world, through clear eyes, clear hearts, and clear intentions. It is at this stage we often hear phrases like “if only everyone knew life was this easy, so why do we make it so hard”. Suddenly the burdens are lifted and life becomes more of a flow, more meaningful and colourful, even though actual life circumstances and triggers have not changed. We love how someone struggling with money suddenly doesn’t care and can now think clearly to strategise, plan and create instead if feeling frozen with fear, all because of a new perception, a more productive one.

5       RE-CREATE –  YOUR life the way you want it

Gain unshakeable confidence in yourself (a lot of clients tell me this is worth the investment alone). And find an all-encompassing self-love that creates joy and peace inside of you that shines out to the rest of the world.







What makes Creatrix® different?

  • UNIQUE for women- Its psychology, but on steroids for women. It’s formulated uniquely for women’s minds.
  • SCIENTIFIC – based on the science of epigenetics, women’s biologically wired differently.
  • SUPER FAST – (we’ve seen chronic anxiety reduced from 10/10 to 0/10 in under an hour using this method, gone for good!)
  • WHOLISTIC – this is designed for the way our female brain works, realizing the learnings you have waited your whole life to get, without a traumatic “wake-up” call we’d rather avoid. Therefore, affecting the WHOLE of YOU and every area of your life is improved
  • PAINLESS– Both physically & emotionally. No tears, no talking about your problems other than to do a brief assessment prior to the process.
  • ORGANIC -No medication or remedies recommended. No other person (regardless of their academic degree) can help fix your deep-rooted internal problems, so we simply FACILITATE this unique process that’s designed to get you (the client) your own life learnings that are needed.
  • IMMEDIATE– Works to create an immediate release and immediate results, unlike psychology which works in the opposite way. Once you know better, you can’t unknow it!


Who are your clients?

I work with women who are struggling, feeling stuck & overwhelmed, controlled by fear,  have old patterns or conditioning holding them back, and are seriously ready for change.

WOMEN who;

  • want to find self-confidence, self-esteem & self-love
  • want to find true happiness within themselves
  • want to believe in themselves
  • are ready to release their emotional pain & baggage
  • suffer PTSD from any kind of past traumatic event or experience
  • feeling like a failure
  • not achieving goals
  • scared of how your life might end up if you don’t change something
  • can’t let go of past hurts
  • suffering stress, anxiety or depression
  • are lost in grief
  • feel shame or guilt
  • struggling with crippling self-doubt
  • have negative mind chatter
  • want to let go of resentment, anger & hate


My “Courageously Confident Woman” 8-week Creatrix® Transformation program, is both spiritual & scientific, & a deeply transformational process for every woman who wants to get back to a life that they can love, giving them joy, peace, calm, and clarity.


Perhaps you have lots of excess emotional baggage, deep emotional pain, success & money blocks, or maybe it’s past patterns & conditioning you know are stopping you from living your best life……. Break the cycle!!


YOU can release the heaviness of emotional baggage, reconnect to your soul, find the answers you are seeking, and become YOUR best, true & AUTHENTIC SELF.



What results can I expect?

You can expect to:

  • Gain unshakeable confidence in yourself – (a lot of my clients tell me that is worth the investment alone).
  • Anxiety erased and peace and calm sets in
  • Clarity & a clear quiet mind
  • Feel empowered & excited about the futurebreakthrough
  • Have big breakthroughs and ah-ha moments
  • Health benefits, living stress-free
  • Let go and release trauma in the body
  •  find more peace and compassion
  • Fall back in love with yourself
  • Develop more compassion for yourself and others
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Truly love the version of yourself that shows up to play this game called life
  • Learn how to say NO and honor your yes and no’s
  • Find your happiness
  • Have confidence & self-worth
  • Connect with your intuition
  • Create DEEP intimacy and meaning in your personal relationships


OK, Im ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?

Yes absolutely,

BOOK your personalized ‘Block identifier call’  today


and I’ll be happy to walk you through the different options to see which one will be the very best for you. I can’t wait to see you succeed and am honored to be the one to help you. Let’s get going!


I am NOT a coach!!… I am a Creatrix® Transformologist®. 

Creatrix® is a FEMALE-specific process, created by a woman, specifically for our female factor, and is the only process we know of that takes into account the science of EPIGENETICS. (You not only inherit your eye & hair color, your height, and bone structure, YOU can also inherit trauma, & emotional pain from your ancestors.) Creatrix® goes above, beyond & deeper than any other modality that I have seen, heard about, or tried! (& I have done a lot!)

A Creatrix® Breakthrough is super fast, painless & has lasting results, so you are

back to living your best life in record time! And is ONLY for those who are 100% committed, focused, and ready to do the work & create a new beginning. 


If you want to connect with me… GO & check out all my best content  in my private group for empowering women



Break free and live the life you deserve


2017 was a year of challenges and heartache for me, caring for my dying mother and losing her to cancer, then caring for my 10-year-old son as he underwent open heart surgery with a number of life-threatening complications and on top of this had my stepfather try to take me to court contesting mums Will, I was left feeling depleted of energy and lost my joy for life. I simply lost ME as I drowned in grief, anger, worry, and physical exhaustion. MARIA SAVED ME!!!! She bought me back to life in a time that I thought I was too broken to be fixed!!! CREATRIX is nothing but the real deal with a massive dose of magic. Thank you, Maria, for breathing life and joy back into my heart. You are truly a gift to the world and give woman a second chance at life. I’m no longer just existing, I’m back to LIVING my life with a peaceful and happy heart.

Alex, WA


6 months ago, I was really depressed… I was struggling each day with self-confidence, & self-worth, I was always angry & yelling at the people closest to me (My children) This was not the person I wanted to be or the type of relationships I wanted with my beautiful girls.  I had seen Maria on Facebook, & some videos of her results with clients, AND I wanted to make some dramatic changes in my life, I wanted to feel normal and get rid of my shit that was blocking my happiness, so I booked a call with Maria.

Wow, the Creatrix experience is amazing… I feel confident, calm, free, happy, and just all-round peace and harmony… And the transformation was instant..  5 months later & I know this is going to last, as I have new wisdom, so much more confidence, I am doing better in my business, & I have a new way of dealing with everyday issues & life. I am so happy that I chose to do this for myself, I love the new me & would recommend this to any woman who is struggling with “stuff” & wants to get rid of it!!! Full stop!!For Good!!

Maria is amazing. She was supportive through this pain-free process It has really changed my life and my general outlook for everything. The investment was big, but worth every penny as the life I now have, I know would never have happened… I know my kids will every day benefit from me being a better or more calm mum ….. I can now also run my Business better with more confidence to go forward… In aspects of my life, including my relationship with my Husband.

Thank you Maria. You are a blessing to us all.


Melissa. Oberon NSW.


I went to see Maria because I was sick & tired of being sick & tired, with no confidence in my abilities, & crippled by self-loathing. Through the Creatrix® process, I learned that not all of my issues were from my own experiences, but carried through from past generations, & therefore the reason why traditional healing methods are often so unsuccessful.

Over an incredibly short period of time, Maria was able to bring forth the issues that had been dragging my life down, & FREE me to move forward to be the best version of myself. This will ripple through my life for the betterment not only myself but my family, work colleagues & clients.

If you’re sick & tired of feeling sick & tired like I was, with no confidence & crippled by the weight of your emotional baggage, you need to speak with Maria. Whilst it all does sound ‘too good to be true’, the results come quite quickly & it really does work!! -if you allow yourself to see yourself without being weighted down by the years of crap.

Sharyn,  Bathurst NSW


9 months ago I made the call to Maria to enquire about Creatrix®, and after a few weeks & finding many excuses why I couldn’t, I made the decision & done it! And I am so glad I did! I continually experience the positive effects of Creatrix® in everyday life, I have been able to overcome many obstacles & fears with little or no effort, & my relationship with myself has become much easier, which has resulted in all my relationships improving.

Situations that would have usually caused me anxiety, anger or fear just don’t anymore, I am much calmer & my stress & worry have dropped lower than I can ever remember.

Creatrix® was a beautiful process and an amazing gift to myself, & all those around me. A true investment for my health & happiness.

Thank you, Maria

Racheal, Oberon NSW 


Maria, Thank you for being in the right place at the right time on the day that I met you. Thank you for introducing me to Creatrix.
Before I tried Creatrix, I was afraid to put it simply. I was afraid of everything. My confidence was shot and I was so sensitive that a simple sideways look by the wrong person would set me on a path of self-loathing and anxiety about what that person thought of me.
To be honest, I thought I had it pretty much together emotionally and I believed that I just needed to work on a few things around my career. But, Oh.My.God was I wrong. When I started unraveling my emotions and emotional reactions to different scenarios I realised I was the complete opposite of having it together.
One by one we started to work through my emotions. To my amazement, just by working through one or two, several emotions were brought under control. I don’t know how it worked and couldn’t even try to explain it but I do know, it worked.
Now I feel completely confident and I actually enjoy life rather than being afraid of it. I look forward to spending time with the people that used to trigger feelings of insecurity and don’t feel that emotion at all around them. Instead, I feel happy, excited and eager to enjoy life.
My focus has shifted away from the negative of ‘what might happen’ to the positive of ‘just imagine the possibilities’.
Again, thank you Maria
Erin xx   Canberra.


I was really interested in Creatrix and the idea of helping women to undo specific issues and emotions that are impacting their lives and have been passed down through generations. In my life, there have been some recurring negative emotions of being wrong and feeling inadequate that I haven’t been able to shift. This has been despite many, many years and different methods of self-transformation work and study. I always suspected that these issues lived in a deep part of my subconscious beyond my own conscious ability to change.

With Creatrix, I found that Maria was able to help me uncover these issues and unravel them at their origin. After looking back at my initial list of items I wanted to work on with Maria, I now struggle to identify with them and remember them at all. They have no sting for me anymore.

Although I still have some of the situations and circumstances that inspired me to seek out Creatrix®, I no longer have the emotional baggage attached to them and can more peacefully deal with them now.

The Creatrix® processes were simple, easy and very effective. I strongly recommend that all women receive a Creatrix Breakthrough to disappear any issues they feel are upsetting them or limiting them in any way.

Zoe, Bathurst

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Creatrix® breakthrough method is the only process in the world that has been specifically designed for women. A woman’s mind is a complex and very delicate instrument capable of love, care, compassion, and empathy – but it also is vulnerable and prone to fear, anxiety, pain, stress, and feelings of low self-worth. Creatrix® will set you free from all these and heal you down to your very core!

Please fill out your details in the contact form and I will respond within 48 hours. Together we can develop your mindset and relaunch your life. Live the free, empowered lifestyle you deserve.

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