1. It suits the female Unconscious mind. It feels right for a woman to do. It ‘fits’ because it’s designed FOR the unique way our female mind functions. (Yes, it’s different, very)
  2. Easy to do for both facilitator and client. (Woman to Woman)
  3. Does not require full disclosure of details around life events you don’t want to discuss yet it will still release the ‘problem’ that it’s been causing for you.
  4. You get to understand yourself due to the extensive yet fast and easy pre-assessment. A nice clear image of what has been going on inside of you.
  5. Feel physically lighter as well as feeling like a burden has been lifted.
  6. NON-Emotional process, even for a woman who has suffered horrific events, she can relax and not feel the emotions of the event itself while getting her life learnings. It is beautiful actually, and profound.
  7. Deep intuitive Learnings come through during the process that release the past negative emotions from your body, This BREAKS THE CYCLE FOR GOOD!
  8. Raises your level of Consciousness, which causes you to make wiser life choices.
  9. Raises your level of EQ (Emotional Intelligence), you just won’t be so irrational.
  10. Ripening of Intuition- Heart, Gut and Head align. They work in sync.
  11. Affects all areas of your life.
  12. You are less easily manipulated, especially by males.
  13. Your monthly cycle is not quite as disruptive as it might otherwise have been.
  14. Many of the women look VISIBLY younger in the face (less stress lines instantly)
  15. Less confrontational.
  16. Become more ‘present’! Feel in the NOW moment so More easily able to smell the roses.
  17. Addresses entire genetic history and breaks the Genetic cycle. (According to science of epigenetics)
  18. Not logical, linear or spacial so the female mind finds it easy to do. This temporarily distracts the mind long enough to get the learnings because it gets you to see what you otherwise could not see and so this helps you get your learnings come through without disruption.
  19. No risk of getting wrong learnings because no one other soul is giving them to you, our facilitators are just remarkable at holding your mind in a specific unique position and know the correct questions to ask until YOU GET YOUR OWN LIFE LEARNINGS.
  20. Works regardless of spiritual or religious beliefs.
  21. Bigger level of influence as you know what feels right and so you won’t question your decisions as much.
  22. Climb the spiral of consciousness much faster without having to take a lifetime or 2 to get life learnings before evolving to the next level of possibility.
  23. Feel Whole
  24. Feel Complete.
  25. Feel a sense of belonging.
  26. Feel Worthy and Important.
  27. Self-Respect and Self- Belief.
  28. Removes Stress in the future but as one client’s doctor said, it took at least 20 years of past stress from your body and adrenals.
  29. Activates Creativity.
  30. Doesn’t affect your personality. For example, if you swore before or had a warped sense of humour, you will still be you. If anything, you just become more relaxed and comfortable in your own skin.
  31. You feel more YOU than you have in years if not for the first time ever.
  32. Increases libido in 7/10 of our women.
  33. Mind and Body integrate to work more in sync.
  34. Widens the pathway for ‘attracting’ what you want in life
  35. QUIETS THE MIND- hardly any more head chatter. PEACE at last.
  36. Can’t suffer fools easily. (Can be a draw back if you live with them though haha)
  37. Raises your standards in life. You expect to be treated well.
  38. Balances you out, where you were weak you will feel strong where you needed softening that happens too. (Especially for women who were angry and never showed emotion)
  39. Releases Suppression. (we are most proud of this one)
  40. Gives you your voice back. You can more easily say what you want to say. More able to express yourself.
  41. So simple ANY WOMAN CAN DO IT however its very complex in design but we didn’t want the client to know that, so it can almost be considered as a silly little processUNTIL we finish and you realize the difference, then you’ll say what they all say, O.M.G.O.S.H. are you kidding!!!!!. (heehee)
  42. Causes an entire energy shift in the body that can alleviate certain physical ailments. (We make no physical health claims, however we have real life case studies of women ovulating or menstruating for the first time EVER who couldn’t before, and entire body skin rashes they’ve had for up to 30 years, disappear in just weeks afterwards. We see these as bonuses)
  43. Is a great foundation for very real life change you have been avoiding because you will feel more in control of your life and taking charge of it.
  44. Breaks cycles instantly however over time you see the follow on effect in those who are around you often and your children for example. Just witnessing your change gives them permission and the courage should they need to make life changing choices in life not just now but in the future.
  45. At a behavioural level you will see the results within just weeks.
  46. Activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the opposite of the flight or fight response so your organs can resume full function and this brings slow constant health improvement.
  47. Lowers stress INSTANTLY.
  48. Let’s go of past (all issues that kept coming to mind to cause you to go backwards before) and you can finally move forward in life without taking steps backwards. You must do the changes though that your life lessons tell you to, only YOU can change actual life circumstances to support an inner clearing like this.
  49. Heightens intuition DRAMATICALLY. Removes the rust from the antennae that was originally your ‘gut’ telling you when to back away from something. However you couldn’t really listen because of all the noise in your head and your heart. This was disrupting the signal. You are more able to ‘know’ correct decisions to make when at choice points of life.
  50. MORE ACCEPTING OF OTHERS. This so makes a big difference to bringing peace.
  51. Brings through forgiveness that felt impossible to do on your own.
  52. Entirely removes the mind coding of the problem you come to us for to the point though you have trouble remembering how you felt before. In fact you ‘can’t’ feel it, even if you try. Your brain has been rewired never to return to the old way because you now KNOW better in your gut and in your core. In fact we have to record our sessions because you will have no reference to compare your after state to.Yes its’ that thorough.
  53. Activates SELF LOVE.
  54. Better overall health.
  55. Empowered because now you know you ALWAYS have a fast, painless easy long lasting solution should you ever find yourself in inner turmoil again possibly over something you’ve never experienced previously
  56. Affects your ENTIRE FAMILY because (we can’t fully explain why but) babies etc seem to be instantly calmer around you and the family can stop walking on eggshells as we often find out afterwards that they were doing. Cranky mums make miserable childhoods. Happy mum = happy home.
  57. You are more easily able to ACHIEVE SUCCESS especially in business.
  58. We alter the usual rule of you must DO to HAVE in life so you can BE happy for example. We change it to BE-DO-HAVE. In other words, you get to BE happy now, which means you are more successful from what you DO so you get to HAVE more in life.
  59. More fun and funny.
  60. More affectionate.
  61. Can think straight.
  62. The world appears more colorful.
  63. Creates a more positive, optimistic and abundant mindset.
  64. More able to create wealth.
  65. More able to achieve regardless of goals so even if you don’t know what you want to do with your life, you are simply flowing in a direction that ‘brings’ you situations that seem to make you happy.
  66. Your values realign.
  67. You won’t feel obligated to people.
  68. You won’t care as much what other people think of you.
  69. You don’t have to wear masks for different people and situations because you trust you are good enough and because you accept yourself, you don’t need that acceptance from others as readily.
  70. Puts life into perspective!