Babies spend up to nine months in their mother’s womb. These babies do not only get nourishment from their mothers –

They also get whatever hormones and chemicals are produced by the body when mothers experience any emotional stress during pregnancy. This can have a very significant impact on the child’s emotional development at a genetic level take control of her emotional state to become more balanced and calm to give the baby an emotionally stable and calm environment to grow and develop in.

Women have a predisposition to be more social, emotional, and be more willing to communicate with others.

Therefore, we women more often pass on much more emotional energy to others without us realizing it. This can cause a rippling effect that can either be beneficial, if positive emotional energy (something Creatrix® can help you develop) is passed on to others, or can cause a disruptive effect on others if the woman shares feelings of low self-esteem, doubt, or negativity. We should make sure that all women are given the chance at an emotionally stable, calm, peaceful, and empowering life.

Women are naturally cyclic, with hormones changing on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even a lifelong cycle.

Our hormonal fluctuations that dictates the way we see our environment. Learning how our mind and emotions are affected by these cycles can help us manage our emotions while we go through this inevitable cycle. We can help you track and discover your own unique cycle so we can maximize the knowledge we gain and use what we have learned to build a better life.

Women are usually more accepting of change rather than men.

And even though some men may say that they are also open to change and are willing to try something new, it may be a challenge for them as the male, logical mind, may resist this method that was designed specifically for women. There are other breakthrough methods that may be more applicable to men like NLP, TLT, CBT, and others. And as mentioned earlier, the Creatrix® method was developed for women so they are our number one priority.

The Creatrix® method is probably the only breakthrough method in the planet that takes all of the above facts into consideration.

And is made in the best interests of women to help empower them. While some methods are effective, they are mostly created to work on the male mind, not taking the complexity of the female mind into consideration. Others rely a bit more on a method that is more attuned towards one’s spirituality that might not apply to all faiths and belief systems. Our method is designed to be compatible to all belief systems and is made specifically for the female mind.