There is nothing else in the world like Creatrix®. Not even close! This process has been created by a women specifically for erasing the negative emotions and limiting beliefs of WOMEN!

Transform your life to one with PEACE, JOY & contentment, instead of living with fear, stress, anxiety, anger, guilt, grief, frustration, depression or any other negative emotions. Get rid of limiting beliefs like I’m not good enough, not worthy, not pretty enough, too fat, unable to succeed, money is evil!

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The process starts with you doing some pre- assessments, which it is absolutely essential that you are 100% honest with yourself first, and then with me, to achieve the results you want. Once I have these assessments I can tailor the sessions specifically to your needs.

We will have around 3 by 2 hour sessions, it may be more, it may be less. The session time will be determined individually, when I have the pre-assessments, so trust that you have as much time as we need to give you the desired results.

A life full of love, happiness, confidence, clarity, peace, calm, joy, freedom, excitement, faith, trust, harmony, strength, and belief in self-worth. Know you have the power and ability to achieve your dreams!

Invest in yourself

But what is your current state of mind costing you now? Happiness? Freedom? Peace? The respect or love of the people around you? If you are to live another 20, 30 or 50 years, do you want every day of those years to be happy, fulfilling, and amazing compared to whatever you are struggling with now?

Think of it this way, a lifetime of peace, joy, happiness, love, confidence, strength and contentment, for the same price as a family holiday in Fiji that only lasts a week to 10 days. Do you think your kids, family, partner or friends would rather you happy for a week on holidays, or for a lifetime?

Don’t let your location hold you back, as these one on one sessions can also be done via Skype and phone from anywhere in the world.