Epigenetics has been studied for many years, but its significance has been kept under wraps.

The discoveries made with the help of this lesser known science can revolutionize the medical industry. For over half a century, genetic researchers have been studying how our genes work. New discoveries brought about by epigenetics can potentially bring newfound benefits for everyone.

In the most basic terms, epigenetics tells us that our physical appearance and our personalities and attitudes are determined by our genes. Our genes are coded into ourselves and are as unique as our fingerprints. Genes can be either “good” or “bad”. They determine how we behave in what can be called “genetic expression”.
To be able to overcome our emotional burdens and reducing the risk of passing them on to our kids is the end goal to break this painful cycle. This ability is called “methylation”, and this is explained further in the “Epigenetics 101” video, link at the bottom of page. It’s a video that may require about an hour of your time, so make sure you set aside some time for it (trust me, it’s worth it).

Our genes are affected by internal and external factors –

With prolonged and repeated exposure to stressful situations, your body produces hormones that can potentially be toxic and harmful to your body. Other factors like pollution can also have an adverse effect on our genetic expression.

Dr H Bruce Lipton PhD who is a former research scientist (in video link at bottom of the page), one of the first to ever clone human stem cells in 1967 says “Epigenetics is a new science and understanding that genes are not self-actualising, meaning genes do not turn on and off, they are just blue prints and so they are not the effector”

Why is this relevant? We are not our genes! They receive instruction via your perception. When we change your inherited perceptions as well as your own perceptions, we in effect, change your inner being. You don’t have to understand any of this for our innovative new breakthrough process called CREATRIX™ to clear out your sabotaging old conditioning that is likely causing you to be stuck in a cycle
Simply put, CREATRIX™ breaks generational cycles.

It is now proven that your DNA is not your destiny.

In fact, by changing the environment (inside the body and outside) you can re-code your genes. This means you possibly inherited what your ancestors stressed about, ate and were exposed to internally and externally. With CREATRIX®, you can undo damage that is causing negative cycles to recreate your destiny and especially that of your children AND the energy you supply to your current life.

You do not need to be an expert to understand how ground-breaking and revolutionary the Creatrix® process is to help you free yourself from the hopeless cycle of negativity and destructive frame of mind. When we change the way we look at our lives and environment, along with whatever perception that you may have inherited, we can change your inner being. Creatrix® works on every woman who is willing to take the initial steps on the road to emotional freedom. Creatrix® will set you free down to your very core.

By changing the environment you live in (and your perception of your environment), you can rewrite your genes. This means that your ancestors could have possibly passed on to you whatever they may have stressed about, and whatever environmental factor that they may have been subjected to. Your genes do not need to be the absolute factor that determines who you are. By using the Creatrix® method, you can reverse the damage that has been causing the negativity that tends to dictate your – and your children’s destiny.

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