The transform and empower your life programme is conducted in person, one on one, in 3 by 2 hour sessions

You will learn all the same incredible information, that you would have to attend 10 workshops to get, and it will all be made specific to your life, where you are at right now, how you are feeling and what is holding you back.


You will need to do some pre- assessments, which it is absolutely essential that you are 100% honest with yourself first, and then with me, to achieve the results you want. Once I have these assessments the programme is tailored to you.


There are a lot of tool and tips that I will give you to take home, that will help you to continue on your road to empowerment and also to help those around you.


Instead of just going through the motions each day, feeling and wishing for more, fun & happiness, or less stress & anxiety, you can be feeling in control and empowered


A programme that is tailored to your specific life right now!

6 hours of knowledge specific to the mind and emotions of women

Simple and painless processes that you cannot find anywhere else

Techniques and tips to take home and teach kids so they can also have a life full of confidence, peace, and happiness.