Creatrix® is a revolutionary method designed for the female mind.

The male and female mind are two entirely different things. The female mind perceives the world differently compared to a man’s point of view. Both brains are physically different too: the female brain has about 23% more connections between the left and right sides of the brain, compared to a man’s brain. Women may also have the advantage over men when it comes to processing language as men tend to only use one side of the brain compared to women who naturally use both. Women’s limbic systems (the part of the brain that controls emotions) are larger than men’s and as such is the case, women have different emotional needs compared to men.

Throughout history, women have been experiencing various emotions from anxiety, insecurity, grief and hopelessness, among countless other things.

Although illogical, there are a lot of women who instinctively think that they are inadequate and are left feeling down and hopeless. Verbal affirmation and encouragement will not always work, and if they do, the effect is only temporary. You can’t just tell someone that she’s beautiful over and over and expect them to start feeling better about themselves.
Self-affirmation methods are not absolute solutions that changes you at your very core. Women need a method that is specifically created for the female mind. Creatrix® has been designed specifically for the female mind, and we will talk about the special innovations of this revolutionary breakthrough method.
Men and women are equally important – we just need to determine the right learning approach and make the necessary adjustments to apply the correct strategy to each different mind. Although the male and female mind have their similarities, the female mind has a completely different way of making decisions and a different way of experiencing emotion and perception of self-worth. While men commonly follow a logical approach to decision making, women tend to lean more on the emotional effect a situation has on them when making decisions. These are a couple of things that must be taken into consideration when trying to help women overcome their emotional challenges, and usually result in failure. Creatrix® can help women break free from this negative cycle and let you begin to start renewed, positive, and possessing inner peace.

Quick Results

Having an open mind is the key to achieving results. We have studied the details and intricacies of the female mind and how it works and behaves in different circumstances. We try to trace back the behaviour to its source and with the information gained, we formulate a solution to the problem.
You need to distance yourself from the negativity that has been holding you back, and we will help you. The whole process takes from four to eight hours, depending on the individual, and you will immediately feel the results. You will start to feel renewed, energized, much happier and with a renewed sense of completeness and contentment.

Memory Clearing and Treatment to Your Very Core

Epigenetics plays a major part in the creation of Creatrix® and its revolutionary approach to empowering and liberating women everywhere. We have already learned that our ancestors can pass on their emotional stress and burdens to us through our genes, and that we are likely to pass on these traits to our children unless we do something about it. Creatrix® was designed with the idea that some women may actually be unaware of the suppression that lies within. This ensures that Creatrix® will work on all women every single time, regardless of where they come from.

An Evolutionary ‘Core’ Breakthrough

Releasing past obstacles and evolving into the highest level of conscious awareness through “unconscious learning” can help women achieve a strong, positive impact in her family, society, and future generations. This activates the release of naturally occurring hormones like Oxytocin which promotes love, compassion, empathy and bonding instead of toxic “stress” hormones that afflict us and prevents us from creating a positive environment for ourselves, our loved ones, and other people around us. Emotional enlightenment enables women to live as they want, full of positivity and high self-esteem, triggering an evolutionary step that creates the next generation free of inherited blockages.

You will love every step of the journey to emotional freedom!